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Governing Values & Principles

We are proud of our vision and mission that incorporate humanitarian civilized values, such that the Palestinian Declaration of Independence, a key reference, clearly states that the State of Palestine is for Palestinians…enjoying full equality in rights, where religious and political beliefs and human dignity is safeguarded in a democratic parliamentary society based on freedom of speech and formation of political parties… the declaration states for social justice, equality and lack of discrimination in public rights based on race, religion, colour or gender in the light of a constitution that beliefs in the rule of law and an independent jurisdiction system; the state of Palestine declares its commitment to United Nations principles, goals and the international declaration of human rights and commitment to the non-alignment concept and policies.
The  principles which we are committed to:

  1. Volunteer Work: the PYU upholds the value of volunteer work since its establishment and seeks to maintain and develop it through the commitment of the employees by dedicating part of their time to work in community and youth issues, outside official working hours and job description.
  2. Positive bias: the union, since its establishment, works with rural, poor and marginalized communities in Palestinian cities, proceeding from its bias to poor and disabled individuals and marginalized areas, where services are non-existent. We will continue to support any national policy or initiative that enhances marginalized and poor categories, and will work to ensure that programs and services for these are always available.
  3. Transparency: the PYU works on publishing its technical, administrative and financial reports; also, the PYU always declares all information pertaining to its action, with the exception of personal information of interest to the employees or board of directors. The PYU will continue in this path and will enhance publication mechanisms of periodic reports, including the results of the action of the board of directors, general assembly or any other body.
  4. Participation: the PYU beliefs and works on that youth are capable of determining their needs and rights and have the ability to defend them using various tools. From this perspective the PYU developed a number of frameworks and tools that guarantee youth participation in all centers and congregations at all stages of intervention that the PYU interferes in. The PYU will continue maximizing youth participation that guarantee that the role of the PYU remains a facilitation role for the developmental process.
  5. Patriotism: the PYU will remain committed to decisions and directions that unite social and national political forces that form a guarantee to commitment to the Palestinian Basic Law and Declaration of Independence. The PYU will work to refuse normalization and conditional funding, and will continue to work against factional partisan in developmental work, rejecting division and enhancing national unity.
  6. Cooperation: the PYU thinks that cooperation will not merely remain a value in the action of the union, but will grow to become a program and an action methodology, from the certainty of the total social and economic benefits that could result. We will work on enhancing and strengthening the culture of cooperative work in all its cognitive and institutional dimensions.
  7. Commitment: the board of directors and executive administration will monitor the performance of the PYU in regards to its vision, mission, goals and governing values; this will be reviewed annually within the framework on developing the general performance.