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Preparing a national agricultural program for the employment of youth graduates

In the presence of (Mr. Daoud aldeek Undersecretary of Social Development Ministry, Abdullah Lahlouh, Undersecretary of Agriculture Ministry, Mr. Ashraf Anabtawi and Ms. Amal ziad , Mr. Nizar Basalat from the Higher Council for Youth and Sports & Ms. Amal Daloul , Mr. Yusri Hadshosh from the Ministry of Labor) and representatives from civil society organizations (Agricultural Relief, Hashem Berahmeh acting General Director , Izzat Zidan programs & projects Director, &Mr. Ashraf Taha , Palestinian Youth Union, General Director Muharram Barghouti, Union of Agricultural Work Committees, Mr. Omar Tabakhna Studies Unit Director), and Mr. Nabhan Othman Chairman of the General Union of Palestinian economists, at PYU headquarter in Ramallah city, a meeting was held to develop a complementary action plan for the“ reconsideration for agricultural work” program, after the completion of creating a framework for the employment for unemployed youth, especially graduates .
This meeting has come after the formation of a preparatory committee since one year, which made a study about the actual situation of Palestinian youth in particular the unemployed graduates, in addition to three central workshops in different governorates where carried out and attended by youth representatives, then the Committee launched an initiative to find solutions and alternatives to unemployment problem, in order to direct youth towards agricultural work and promoting investment opportunities in agricultural projects.
Mr. Muharram Barghouthi, PYU General Director , welcomed the Attendees, explained more about the initiative and workshops that were held in the governorates, and he stressed what should be taken into consideration in order to come up with an compatible national program to serve Palestinian population .
On the other hand, Mr. Daoud Al Deek, Undersecretary of Social Development ministry and Mr. Abdullah Lahlouh, Undersecretary of Agriculture ministry, expressed their support for the program, especially its exclusiveness of youth sector and concentrating on the youth unemployed graduates in the Palestinian National Plan.
The participants emphasized the need to modify policies to organize agricultural work at the national level, focusing on agricultural education, investing money in agricultural sector, and the role of agricultural cooperatives that support agricultural work, in order to build an agricultural economy, promoting economic development and employment of Palestinian Youth.

The meeting came up with several recommendations, and the most important is to prepare a workshop for youth with the relevant ministries, to agree on the final frame work and amendments, to present the national program to the donors, and to develop projects, to enhance cooperation, and collaboration among youth within the community economy.
Finally the all agreed to have data about the Palestinian food basket, to work on the alleviation of shortages and decrees reliance on others.