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Earth Rights Project

" Earth Rights - Paths of Social Economy and Solidarity in Palestine ", whose main objective is to ensure the implementation of economic and social rights of the Palestinian people through the improvement of the institutional, social and respect for international law for sustainable access to resources and social development and solidarity in the areas of intervention.

Project Locations

Area C, West Bank. 4 rural areas: Northwest Jerusalem Governorate, south of Hebron Area, South Area of ​​Bethlehem, Salfit .


Farmers and ranchers, the Palestinian Ministry of Labor, micro-enterprises and cooperatives in the agricultural sector, Palestinian citizens for advocacy and promotion of ESD

 local partners

Arab Center for Agricultural Development (ACAD), Palestinian Youth Union (Pyu), Al Haq, ILO headquarters in Jerusalem

Date of the project

04/01/2018 - 31/03/2021

Main activities:

  • Supervision and managing of the following activities:

A.3.3 Four trainings for 40 cooperatives and social enterprises on governance and international standards for cooperatives and social enterprises

A.3.4. Four training for 40 cooperatives and social enterprises on social inclusion, occupation opportunities and entrepreneurship for youth, with a focus on Gender and Disability

  • Supporting the management of the following activities:

A.3.1. Establishing 4 hub desks aiming to provide services to cooperatives and social enterprises (general information, legal framework, strategic and technical support, access to credit) in the 4 village councils of Beit Doqqu, Salfit, Al Masara, A-Twani

A.3.5. Establishing a Micro grants fund for 25 social enterprises aiming to support local sustainable development through establishing supply chains for organic food farming products