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Palestinian Youth Union meets Agriculture Minister Riad Attari
On 2/7/2019, In the presence of Riad Attari Agriculture Minister, Abdullah Lahlouh Ministry Undersecretary and Muharram Barghouthi PYU General Director, Palestinian Youth Union staff met at agriculture ministry headquarters in Ramallah to coordinate the joint work between the Ministry and PYU in agriculture sector. 

Mr. Muharram Barghouthi presented several proposals that intersect with agriculture ministry work to raise agricultural awareness and re-considering to the agricultural sector in Palestinian villages, especially among Palestinian youth and unemployed graduates.

He stressed the guiding policies that regulate the agricultural work at the national level, strengthen steadfastness in our lands, and the presence of agricultural cooperatives supporting the agricultural sector to build an agricultural economy capable for promoting economic development and employment of the unemployed Palestinian youth through agricultural and animal projects and industrialization projects. Which contribute to disengagement from the Israeli market products, and working in settlements.
In his turn, Minister Riad Attari thanked the PYU staff and stressed the importance of partnership with civil society organizations in implementing the National Plan of the Agriculture Ministry through joint work and cooperation in all areas, especially the marginalized areas and the area C , aiming to promote agriculture and strengthening the steadfastness of Palestinian farmers in the economic and development framework .
This plan will be sent to all partners after being presented and approved by the Council of Ministers to start presenting projects for the outputs of this plan.
The minister said that the active local ngo’s in civil society will be a partner with the ministry in implementing this plan.