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Palestinian Youth Union implemented leadership course for entrepreneur’s women in Jerusalem northwest villages with Bedou municipality
In partnership with Bedou municipality, Palestinian Youth Union implemented leadership course for entrepreneurs women in management methods , in the presence of fifteen entrepreneurial, activist, feminist, and representatives of local councils in North and East Jerusalem, the course held at Bedou municipality within four Days in October 2019, included concepts about leadership, skills and methods, how to manage , develop personal skills and building on the accumulation of knowledge and experiences ,in order to enrich their leadership role in their societies, local authorities and organizations.
This course is a part of the activities within the project of empowerment of East and North Jerusalem local authorities funded by the European Union and implemented by the Municipality of Bedu in partnership with Palestinian Youth Union and Hizma municipality, aims to strengthen , empower municipal councils in the area  (c) in Jerusalem governorate, improve Living  conditions for Palestinians living in marginalized areas in North and East Jerusalem by raising the level of services and facilitating access through developing it , focusing on methodology of working within these councils, to create a fundamental and qualitative change in provided services to public.
It is worth mentioning that the course presents by, Mr. Thouqan Qishawi, who praised the participated women and their role in serving their societies, adding that the course based on their previous experiences ,organizing skills and initiatives to change collectively for influence, activating the leadership role of women in the representation of Local authorities or civil society organizations to have formal role into integrative, collective and influential participatory role, with the importance of monitoring and continuing to develop these leadership skills for these women.
the participated women thanked PYU and the municipality for this important course, which changed their personalities for better and towards new concepts to serve their societies.  Mrs. Mufidah Ihmedan, who is Bedou women center director, said that the course is excellent and develop leadership skills for the participants in practical way, thanked the coach, Qishawi, for his motivating and interesting way.