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On the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women pyu organizes a workshop for women‘s freedom and dignity

 On the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

Palestinian Youth Union organizes a workshop for women's freedom and dignity
Palestinian Youth Union organized on the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women and the workshop at the center axis in the city of Bethlehem, in partnership with the Social Affairs and the center axis and the Ministry of Women in the presence of a large number of women's organizations and social Bethlehem.
This conference, which came under the mirror "freedom..dignity" title began with a welcome and opening of Ms. prevalent Atrash his works, based on the center axis of the management, or the so-called House of the girls who are subjected to violence and which was established by the Italian government in partnership with the Ministry of Security social Affairs.
For its part, al-Atrash welcomed all men and women supporters to the cause of women and those who believe in the elimination of violence and assist its victims.
And Atrash said help victims of violence need hard work to get them out to the community properly, too.
As Ms. Rola Tutunji of Palestinian Youth Union thanked axis and the Ministry of Social Affairs Center, and made it clear that building a relationship between the institutions of civil society with the community and the media is at the heart of the project med net and also look forward to achieve democracy and human rights, mainly the protection of women's rights.
For his part, seemed Muharram Barghouti Director-General of the Union of Palestinian youth, saying: every year and you are fine with the hope that not be in next year's violent Query welcomed  deafness, director of the center axis and Akram Qaimari Director of the Directorate of Social Affairs, and added to the Union we are delighted to be involved as institutions partner loudly especially as we see an example of violence against men and women in Jerusalem by the occupation, and must unite to face violence and murder against us from the occupation, whether against children and women as a model of what is happening extensively in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.
Violence is before all the world right now to end the worst and longest occupation prevent worshipers from  securely access to places of worship, churches and mosques.
Besiege the cradle of Christ is a kind of violence to prevent the exercise of freedom of religion, social affairs and center axis are not happy increasing the number of guests they have and we hope that this place turns into a museum and to end this phenomenon in Palestinian society.
And the same context, Barghouti said that the integration of the institutions of power and the institutions of civil society is very important even eliminate bad behaviors and achieve equality between men and women.
Mr. Akram Qaimari, director of the Directorate of Social Affairs apologized for his part on the presence of the Minister of Social Affairs Shawki Alissa because of his Council of Ministers meeting.
He added that the Palestinian society is suffering like other societies in the world of the problem of domestic violence, but that the presence of the Israeli occupation and the increasing frequency of violence against Palestinian rights practices by the occupation and the high incidence of poverty and unemployment in the Palestinian family make the situation worse and cause in an increasing proportion of forms domestic violence within Palestinian society and specifically directed against women and children.
Mrs. Wafaa lame from the Ministry of Women's Affairs, we stand here today to share in this global campaign events days on which the whole human salutes and with our Palestinian people "16 Days" campaign to combat violence against women.
And in this regard confirmed lame that Palestinian women struggled and suffered and excelled, but they deserve equality is not for this reason but because it is a natural right taken from them, and it is the right of an inalienable and perhaps stumbled completion and consecration of this right lies in the stereotypical view of women and customs and traditions and molding concepts.
In an emotional moment the girl's "O" and is one of the girls went to the center axis after the incident of sexual assault had been her, recounted her story and it was clear to the audience sadness and emotion of what it suffered this girl from rejection of her family after the incident, but it after joining the center axis exceeded its crisis and relied on itself after the learned profession feed on them and are now married and returned to live a normal life.
Ms. media Suheir Farraj of Development Association and the Women's Media, Tam, confirmed that he must monitor and change the distorted image of women in the media, and more importantly, select the image that we want access to it.
When we mention in the title in the newspapers about the killing of a certain girl on the back of honor, we automatically convey the point of view of the victim, from here should attention because it basically.
Even films and serials promote acceptance of violence and exercise, as well as banner ads and the use of women as tools business and merchandising.
In conclusion, Ms. Salwa Bannoura said of the legal guidance center and the social importance of pressure on decision-makers to enact the penal code, especially violence against women, in light of the Legislative Council crashes for a period  and not approval for any new laws that limit the percentage of crimes against women, which rose noticeable lately.
As Ms. Marilyn Khoury coordinated project med net opened the door with a lawyer to discuss  various crimes against the Palestinian women's issues.
It is reported that this workshop was sponsored by the media 24 FM radio station in Ramallah and came as part of a project implemented by med net Palestinian Youth Union in partnership with the Italian Cosby Foundation and with support from the European Union's activities.