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Our Staff


Muharram Barghouthi 
General Director 







Ola Adawi
Program Manager 
M.A. in Clean Energy & Energy Conservation Engineering
(An-Najah Uni.)




Omar Mansour 

Financial Manager


(Arab American Uni.)




Jolin Salameh 

Admin Assistant

B.A.  Degree - Public Administration, Minor in Political Science.

(Birzeit University)





Rand Sayej 
Projects Coordinator
Business administration with concentration in HR management/ minor in the English language
(Bir Zeit University)

Alaa Amleh 

Field Coordinator 

B.A. Faculty of Economics and Adminstrative Sciences (Political Science)

(AL-Najah Uni.)





Sabreen Daifallah Sallah-alden
Field Coordinator
B.A. Psychology / minor in sociology 

(Birzeit University)




Nrmin Shatrit 

Field Coordinator 

B.A. in civil Engineering Branch surveying and Geomantic Engineering 


Ibtisam Bazzar ​​
Services employee